Complimentary Resource Cards Available for Teachers, Counselors & Administrators

Today’s educators are faced with an overload of challenges and information throughout the school year. Remaining productive in the classroom, while juggling numerous day-to-day responsibilities, is key to creating a successful environment for students and teachers.

American Public University’s Tips for Teachers cards provide common signs regarding child welfare concerns as well as strategies and techniques that help teachers be more effective in the classroom and support the well-being of students. Created by a former teacher, these cards utilize expert, respected resources. These  6-in. x 8-in. laminated cards can be easily stored at the teacher's desk or tucked into training and planning materials.

Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) in the Classroom
Provides tips for recognizing students who may have ADD/ADHD. It also provides “best practices” for teaching students with the disorders and advises on classroom accommodations to encourage better learning. [preview]


Provides the clinical diagnosis along with sample classroom modifications referenced from an expert author. [preview]

Bullying Intervention
Defines bullying and recommends immediate intervention and follow-up strategies to support the victim. Helps modify the behavior of the student who is bullying to foster a bully-free environment. [preview]

Classroom Management: A Principal's Perspective
Provides helpful practices regarding the improvement of classroom management. [preview]

Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect
Highlights the major types of abuse, including physical, sexual and emotional maltreatment and neglect. It also describes behavioral and other changes that may indicate abuse. [preview]

Teen Depression and Suicide
Summarizes the signs and symptoms of depression in teens and how it differs from adult depression. It also describes how to talk to teens who are depressed – and the possible dangers of untreated depression. [preview]

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The information contained on the cards is intended for general summary purposes only and is not intended to take the place of local policy, procedure or law.

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